At Auerbach Lab @ Illinois, we’ve been fortunate that the media has published a number of stories about our current research and focus areas. Check out a sample of some of the most recent press mentions and articles below.


Collaborative review paper published

February 11, 2022

A collaborative review paper on bottom-up/top-down adaptions for listening in complex environments and the effects of hearing loss in Frontiers in Neuroscience with Dr. Howard Gritton.

Levitating Books


New Undergrad: Laurel Hart

April 12, 2025

Welcome to the lab, Laurel Hart! Laurel is a rising sophomore in the School of Molecular & Cellular Biology at UIUC. We are excited to have her join our lab this summer thanks in part to her Life + Career Design scholarship.

Undergrad Awards


Congratulations to Sarika, Haichao, and Zaria who have all obtained an MCB Summer Undergraduate Research Fellowships (SURF) for this summer!

Sarika also got a Beckman Undergraduate fellowship.

1st Grad Student: Walker Gauthier


We look forward to having Walker Gauthier join us as our 1st graduate student starting in Fall '22. He is joining us through the Neuroscience Program.

New Undergrads:

Gabe Predescu, Liz Soellner, & Amritha Kumar


Welcome to the lab, Gabe Predescu, Liz Soellner, and Amritha Kumar! Gabe is a freshman in majoring in Psychology at UIUC. Liz is a sophomore Biology and Sociology major at UIUC. She is hoping to take advantage of the new neuroscience major. Amritha is senior Psychology major at UIUC.

New Undergrad: Hachao Wang


Welcome to the lab, Haichao Wang! Haichao is a junior majoring in Biochemistry at UIUC.

New Lab Manager: Noelle James


Welcome to the lab, Noelle James! Noelle joins us a lab manager.

Preprint out now


New preprint on auditory processing differences in a rat model of Fragile X syndrome is up on bioRxiv, check it out!

New Undergrads: Omer Khan and Vrushhabh Patel


Welcome to the lab, Omer Khan and Vrushhabh Satel! Omer is a junior Biochemistry major at UIUC with a minor in psychology and Vrushhabh is a sophomore Computer Science major at UIUC.

New Undergrad: Zaria George


Welcome to the lab, Zaria George! Zaria is a rising junior in the School of Molecular & Cellular Biology at UIUC with a concentration in Neuroscience

New Undergrad: Sarika Kumar


Welcome to the lab, Sarika Kumar! Sarika is a rising sophomore in the School of Molecular & Cellular Biology at UIUC

New Undergrad: Joseph Salerno


Welcome to the lab, Joseph Salerno! Joseph is a sophmore in the school of Molecular & Cellular Biology at UIUC

New Post Doc: Xiaopeng Liu Joins


Welcome to the lab, Xiaopeng Liu! Xiaopeng joins us as a postdoctoral research associate from the Center for Hearing and Deafness at the University at Buffalo