At Auerbach Lab @ Illinois, we’ve been fortunate that the media has published a number of stories about our current research and focus areas. Check out a sample of some of the most recent press mentions and articles below.


Collaborative review paper published

February 11, 2022

A collaborative review paper on bottom-up/top-down adaptions for listening in complex environments and the effects of hearing loss in Frontiers in Neuroscience with Dr. Howard Gritton.

rearing rat_edited.jpg


New Undergrads:
Michael Chai, Xander Cue, Mason Mitchell, & Alysia Principata


Welcome to the lab, Michael, Xander, Mason and Alysia! They are joining us from, the School of Molecular & Cellular Biology and the departments of Biochemistry and Psychology at UIUC.

Undergrad Awards


Congratulations to Sarika, Haichao, and Zaria who have all obtained an MCB Summer Undergraduate Research Fellowships (SURF) for this summer!

Sarika also got a Beckman Undergraduate fellowship.

New Undergrad: Laurel Hart


Welcome to the lab, Laurel Hart! Laurel is a rising sophomore in the School of Molecular & Cellular Biology at UIUC. We are excited to have her join our lab this summer thanks in part to her Life + Career Design scholarship.

1st Grad Student: Walker Gauthier


We look forward to having Walker Gauthier join us as our 1st graduate student starting in Fall '22. He is joining us through the Neuroscience Program.

New Undergrads:
Gabe Predescu, Liz Soellner, & Amritha Kumar


Welcome to the lab, Gabe Predescu, Liz Soellner, and Amritha Kumar! Gabe is a freshman in majoring in Psychology at UIUC. Liz is a sophomore Biology and Sociology major at UIUC. She is hoping to take advantage of the new neuroscience major. Amritha is senior Psychology major at UIUC.

New Undergrad: Hachao Wang


Welcome to the lab, Haichao Wang! Haichao is a junior majoring in Biochemistry at UIUC.

New Lab Manager: Noelle James


Welcome to the lab, Noelle James! Noelle joins us a lab manager.

Preprint out now


New preprint on auditory processing differences in a rat model of Fragile X syndrome is up on bioRxiv, check it out!

New Undergrads: Omer Khan and Vrushhabh Patel


Welcome to the lab, Omer Khan and Vrushhabh Satel! Omer is a junior Biochemistry major at UIUC with a minor in psychology and Vrushhabh is a sophomore Computer Science major at UIUC.

New Undergrad: Zaria George


Welcome to the lab, Zaria George! Zaria is a rising junior in the School of Molecular & Cellular Biology at UIUC with a concentration in Neuroscience

New Undergrad: Sarika Kumar


Welcome to the lab, Sarika Kumar! Sarika is a rising sophomore in the School of Molecular & Cellular Biology at UIUC

New Undergrad: Joseph Salerno


Welcome to the lab, Joseph Salerno! Joseph is a sophmore in the school of Molecular & Cellular Biology at UIUC

New Post Doc: Xiaopeng Liu Joins


Welcome to the lab, Xiaopeng Liu! Xiaopeng joins us as a postdoctoral research associate from the Center for Hearing and Deafness at the University at Buffalo