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We are hiring at all levels!


We  are excited for motivated, independent scientists to join our research  group! Candidates should have (or are nearing completion of) a Ph.D. in  Neuroscience, Physiology, Neurobiology, Bioengineering, or a related  discipline. Experience with in vivo electrophysiology, in vivo calcium  imaging, and/or whole-cell patch clamp recording is desired but not  required. Please email CV, cover letter with description of research  interests, and contact information of 2-3 references to

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Research Technician

We  have an opening for a part-time (20hr/week) research technician position. Candidates should have a Bachelor's degree in  Neuroscience, Psychology, Biology, Bioengineering or related  discipline. Applicants need not have job-related experience; however,  the best candidates will have experience in one or more of the following  areas: animal behavioral testing, rodent husbandry, molecular biology  techniques, and/or computer programming in MATLAB, R or Python. Please  email CV, brief statement of interest, and contact information for 2-3  references to

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We are always looking for motivated undergraduate  students to assist in our research. We typically ask students to commit  to at least 2 semester (or 1 semester and 1 summer) and ~15hr/week  during the school year and 30-40hr/week during the summer. Please email for inquiries about available positions.

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